Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Golden Gate Bridge

Zach and Avery walked across the bridge...actually they jumped, danced and twirled across it. Lots of fun!

Golden Gate Bridge

Tyson, Nikki, Ashley, Grandma, Papa, Erika, Avery and Zach. San Francisco was such a fun place to visit.

Trolley Ride

After visiting Nikki in Palo Alto, we spent a fun day in San Francisco. Avery loved ringing the bell on the trolley. We had a lot of fun!

Playing with Papa

Sacramento, California. Avery and "Papa" were having fun. She loves her Papa!

Bear Lake Rodeo

We had so much fun in Bear Lake during Raspberry Days. Avery especially loved the rodeo and cheering on her favorite cowboys. Just as long as those darn clowns stayed away, she was happy!

Beach Bum

Just taking a rest on the beach!

Baby Josh

Avery was so excited to become a big cousin to "Baby Josh". He is such a cute baby! Ryan and Katie better send lots of pictures from New York, Avery misses all of you already!

Pretty Nikki

Nikki looked so pretty on her wedding day. Avery loves her so much and is sad she can't play with her everyday, we'll come visit you in California "Kikki"

Sticky Face

Avery got a little impatient at the temple. Zach knew just what to do! Ice cream is a cure-all! Nothing like an ice cream cone on a hot day in a pretty dress!

Wedding Dinner

My sister Nikki got married in June. Her wedding dinner was at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Here's Kelley, Kylee, Nikki and I. It was a fun night, I love my family and have so much fun with my cute cousins.


Lacie, Shannon and I with the kids. I love seeing my highschool friends! Our kids get along great too!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"The Brothers"

Matt, Ryan, Zach and Mason after finishing the race. They all did great and were glad when it was over.

St. George Triathalon

In May, my family, the Hills and my grandma went down to St. George to support Zach during the Triathalon. We had a lot of fun. My cousin Matt ran in the relay. Great job you guys! They did awesome!