Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So Long Ella...

We went to the Coldwater Fish Farm in North Ogden with my family. Avery had a great time! She loved holding the fish (but only the little ones). She caught the fish so fast, before we knew it our bucket was full of trout we would never eat (yeah for paying by the pound!) A couple days after the fishing adventure, after we had put Avery to bed, I heard a little "help me" coming from Avery's room. Avery was stuck on top of her dresser. As I helped her down, I noticed her dresser was wet. I scanned my surroundings and quickly realized something was amiss. Our little Beta fish Ella was oddly contorted in her fish bowl. The tears soon started to flow (from both me and Avery). She said "mom Ella looked scared". More tears. After we had calmed down (and Ella had made it to her final porceline resting place) I got the story. Avery decided that like the trout, she wanted to hold Ella. She climbed on top of her dresser, got Ella out and while holding her, dropped her on the carpet. Avery climbed down the dresser, picked up Ella, and carried her back up her dresser and put her back in her bowl. Avery has since asked Heavenly Father in her prayers to let Ella come home from Heaven. It was a sad day. Goodbye Ella. Poor poor Ella.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The 4th and So Much More...

Fireworks extravaganza! Hayden and Avery loved the fireworks. I was just glad everyone came away unharmed. I got a little nervous when the gas can came out, but all went well!

North Ogden Pool with Ryan and Katie. The girls loved being with their cousin, Josh.

The Treehouse Museum is always a hit

Dinosaur Park is a lot of fun. Especially after Avery has realized that they are not for real and the growling sounds coming from the speakers are fake too.