Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Merry Christmas

Jacobs Family-2009

Another year has come and gone and the Jacobs family is excited to see what year 2010 has to offer. We have put together a little update on our crazy life!

Zach hit the big milestone of 30 this year and was excited to celebrate it with a surprise trip to Seattle. He has seen some changes with his work, going from a direct employee of Johnson & Johnson to being independently contracted for them. It has been a good change and things look promising for 2010. This summer was busy with triathlons and road bike races. Zach is still playing sports regularly, but enjoys playing with the girls any chance he can.

Erika is staying busy chasing the girls around. No longer driving a Honda Accord, she is now a Minivan Mom (and loving it)! Erika has recently taken on a new roll at church, the Beehive advisor, and is a little nervous considering the fact that she’s had 4 callings in the past year and they’ve all been in the Primary. Erika took on a new challenge of running and has stayed busy participating in 2 half marathons and the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay. Her favorite things are hugs and kisses from the girls!

Avery is 4 and is still a ball of fire! She stays busy going to dance and preschool. She is learning a ton, and is so smart, but her favorite part about preschool is probably lunch. She finished her first year of soccer and had a great time, “Go Blue Babes!” She loves playing with friends and is a social butterfly. She is a total girly girl. She loves to change her clothes 4-5 times a day, dance and sing, and paint finger and toe nails- especially her dads! She had fun learning to water ski at Bear Lake and is looking forward to her 3rd year of snow skiing. She also has the cutest freckles!

Hayden is 2 and has the prettiest brown eyes ever. Her best friend is her sister Avery and wants to do everything she does (Avery is an awesome big sister!). She getting bigger and bigger every day and is always exploring. She is starting to really talk up a storm and Zach is dreading the phone bill when both girls are teenagers. She loves animals, especially cows, and wants to go see the ones by our house daily. Her favorite thing to say is “oh man!” That girl always keeps us laughing!

During this holiday season, we are thankful for family, friends and especially the birth of our Savior. We are grateful for this time of year and the chance we have to reflect upon our many blessings. We hope that you have a wonderful holiday season!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Love, the Jacobs

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

When did they get so big??

As we were driving the other day Avery said "Can we talk about Jesus now?"

I was seriously so excited! Zach launched into the story of Jesus' birth and I was just beaming! You know these things don't happen all that often!

Approximately 47 seconds later she said "Ok, you can stop. I am done listening now."

It was good while it lasted.

Speaking of being good while it lasted...

Hayden's 3 hour naps. I don't know how I could get through the day without those naps. I am able to do laundry, clean up messes, and lets be honest...catch up on all the shows I DVRed the previous night. Oh yeah, and eat an actual full lunch without interuption.

Today after putting Hayden down for a nap, I walked Avery to preschool (a couple houses down from ours) and returned to my house with my friend Shelley. Shelley said "it sounds like Hayden is still awake". I started to panic because it surely didn't sound like she was in her bedroom. That's when I saw her walk down the hallway. Heart Attack!!! Neither she nor Avery ever attempted climbing out of their crib! I guess she decided today was the day to rock my world!! Luckily she wasn't hurt, she just didn't want to take a nap! "I no wanna mom!!" was her reply when I asked her why she climbed out of her crib. There's no possible was I am letting that girlie go from 3 hour naps to nada sooooooooooo......................

What do I do!??!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"Happy to You!"

Happy Birthday Hayden!

This cute girl just turned two. I can't believe how time flies.

She got these cute "cow boots" from her uncle Chris and she has worn them everyday!

Sticking out her tongue---starting the terrible two's already?

Hayden wanted us to sing "Happy to You" all day. She also wanted to continue blowing out candles. That meant that she blew out candles on her pancake during breakfast, her birthday cake (twice) and on extra cupcakes a couple times the day after her birthday. She is still asking to "blow a candle?"

We love our Hayden! She is such a happy girl and always has a smile on her face. She loves her sister Avery and wants to be with her all the time. She loves to color, play with her babies, see the cows by our house, have her nails painted, dance, read books, sing, hold hands, climb and play outside. She also still loooooves Mr. Bunny!! She is so much fun and we love her so much!

Twinkles, Toes and Turkeys

We went to the light parade. In spite of the cold, it was a still a great time. The girls had the most fun seeing Santa Claus. I love how their eyes light up and a huge smile comes to their face. Yea for Christmas time!!

Girls Day---Pedi's and Mani's.
My cousin Kylee is in beauty school and asked if Avery and I wanted some girl time. We were excited to have a girls day! We were treated to manicure and pedicures (right up Avery's alley!) Then we had some lunch together. Good times!!

Avery wasn't tall enough to reach while sitting in the chair. We had to improvise!!

Such a fun time with my favorite little Avery!

Thanksgiving Day! We had a great time being with both families on Thanksgiving. First was lunch at Grandmas house then off to the Jacobs. For some reason the camera didn't come out at the second dinner. There's always too much going on for me to remember to catch some shots but we had a great time!
Don't ya love relaxing after a great dinner? That was always my favorite part of Thanksgiving, the lounging! Aunt Shelley must love the Disney channel too.

Kelley and Kylee were impressed with my pumpkin-roll-making-skills.

Me and Grandma. Isn't she so pretty?
I have a lot to be thankful for. I love my family so much and am thankful for them! I couldn't wish for a better husband and girls. I am a lucky girl!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Photoshop Q's and one cute girl!

After my sister Ashley saw our family pictures my friend Jessica took, she asked me to snap some shots of her for her senior pictures at the same place. I certainly don't know a whole lot about photography, but I definately had a lot of fun.

My mom bought me Photoshop Elements for taking these pictures but I don't know how to use Photoshop. Is it worth learning? What, for example, could I do with these pictures in Photoshop?

Monday, November 9, 2009


My friend interviewed her 3 year old son and I thought that was such a great idea!! Very entertaining that's for sure. So... here we go.

My interview with Avery

What is your favorite food? Pancakes and waffles
What is a food you don't like? Salad with dressing
What is your favorite animal? Horses
Where do you want to live when you grow up? Here
What do mom and dad do when you go to bed? Give me hugs and kisses and lay by me
What does daddy say a lot? I love you
What does mommy say a lot? I love you
What is your favorite song? I am a Child of God and You Belong to Me (Taylor Swift)
What is your favorite movie? Barbie and the Diamond Castle
What is your favorite ice cream? Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and tiger's blood (does that come in ice cream?)
Where is your favorite place to eat? Arctic Circle
What does your mom do? Helps me clean up and plays barbies with me
What does your dad do? Helps me clean up and plays Duck, Duck, Goose and barbies with me
What is your favorite color? Pink and purple and blue
What do you want to be when you grow up? A doctor
Who is your favorite person? Eden
What do you want for lunch? Chicken nuggets and soup
Where did your sister Hayden come from? Heaven
What are you thankful for? Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ
What do your grandparents do? Take care of me when you are gone
If you had another sister, what would you want her name to be? Cowgirl
If you had brother, what would you want his name to be? Scott
What are you good at? Cartwheels
What does dad like to do? Go to work
What does mom like to do? Clean up
What does Hayden like to do? Play with me and follow me around
What's mom good at? Cartwheels and standing on one leg
What's dad good at? Camping
What's Hayden good at? Sleeping

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Pics!

It's that time again!! Zach always dreads picture time but I'm so glad that we did it. Our super sweet and talented friend Jessica was so nice to take our pictures. Unfortunately Hayden woke up from her nap with a fever just an hour before picture time. Sad little girl. We weren't able to capture her typical happy self, but she was a trooper.

Thanks so much Jessica!

This one is my favorite!! Look at those cuties!

Monday, November 2, 2009

More Tricks and Treats

Every year we get excited to see what costumes come out at the annual Cousins Halloween Party. This year the costumes did not disappoint!

Here we are: Cheerleaders. Zach gets the award for the most school spirit!

I think he is loving the outfit! And really, who knew he could jump so high in those tight pants?

Larry and Chris...it took me a minute to realize who was who. Chris went as Larry and Larry went as Chris. It was HILARIOUS!!

The Boys! Dusty-Robin, Zach-Cheerleader, Larry-Chris, Chris-Larry, Ryan-Richard Simmons, Mason-Soccer Player. Seriously, what is up with these guys and tight/short pants?

The cousins!

Pumpkin Carving. Zach is full of hope that he'll take home the gold for the 3rd year in a row.

Hayden really got in to it!

Sad to say, Zach was knocked from his throne. No pumpkin carving award for him this year. There's always next year...

Not sure what she's looking for.

Emery, Avery and Grandma.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cute girls and football...

They are just cute

Really cute!

So cute!

Not so cute.
Just kidding! Nikki likes making faces. Avery likes taking pictures. We have lots of photos like this one!

So, we like football, but was also just like watching this cute girl.

They REALLY like watching this cute girl. (Hense us ALL being cheerleaders for Halloween!)

Avery, Nikki, Grandma, Hayden, Ashley, Lindsey, Shelley, Crew, Jonnie, Steph, Grandpa, Bensyn, Greg, Grandma, Aunt Barbara, Uncle Jeff. It was a party!

Party Time!

Halloween is always so much fun! We love dressing up, playing games and of course, getting candy! Our friends, Mark and Aubrey had a Halloween party which was so much fun! Aubrey is so cute and made the party so kid-friendly! We decorated "Haunted Houses", and had a ghost pinata. Great times!! Thanks guys!

Making Haunted Houses! I'd say that more candy ended up in our mouths than on the house!


Getting the loot!

Cheerleaders and rally man! Zach can do some pretty sweet jumps and kicks in those tight pants!

Mark, Aubrey and Luke

Bumper, Megan, Kash and Izzy

Ashley, Andrew and Ty

Just a reminder for next year: scale back on the candy and ask everyone to take off their masks! I was up with Hayden until 3 AM! Two reasons for this: A) candy, candy, candy. She was so pumped up on candy that she COULD NOT settle down! B) she was scared!!! She was so scared of Mark in his Spidey get-up. She wanted me to hold her all night, then realized she wasn't tired, so she wanted to play, then when I tried to lay her down she got scared again. It was a long night. I wouldn't have slept anyway, I was really bummed knowing that the next day at church we (the Primary Presidency) were getting released. I love all those Primary kids and am sad I won't be able to see their sweet faces in Primary anymore!