Monday, April 27, 2009

They're Pretty!!! mom's dresses that is.

My mom has a Prom Dress business, Designs by Linda, that she is just starting to advertise. She's had this successful business for about 4 years now, but until recently, hasn't really advertized. She makes beautiful (and MODEST!) dresses. I decided to help her out and create a blog. (My blogging skills are EXTREMELY limited, keep that in mind!) If you or anyone you know is interested in checking it out, please do so! Spread the word!!

I hesitated writing this blog because I didn't actually want anyone who knew me to see it. My mom asked my sisters and I to model the dresses. We told her "NO WAY!" for about two years, then finally caved after being asked a trillion times. Seriously, who wants to see a 28 year old modeling prom dresses?!! Oh well.

If you're interested in dresses, check it out:

Friday, April 3, 2009

"Like A Burger Waits For An Order Of Fries..."

"...Like a faithful girl waits for her missionary!"

Know what that song is from?

How about this...

"I've seen that smile somewhere before, I've heard your voice before, it seems we've talked like this before..."


"Jimmy oh Jimmy we love you, that's all we have to offer..."

Come on people! SATURDAY'S WARRIOR!

So in prayers the other night Avery prayed that her brother and sister would come to our home safely from heaven. (NO, I am NOT pregnant) Avery is constantly drawing pictures for her brother and sister, talking about them, asking when they will be coming to our family. A while back, she even came to me crying saying that she missed her brother and sister and wanted them to "get out of heaven!" What do I say to that?!

Anyway, it made me think about the scene in Saturday's Warrior where Julie's boyfriend (I can't remember his name) is so anxious to be born and leave the PRE-MORTAL EXISTENCE, yet Julie is worried about him making it to earth safely.

Ah, the memories it conjured. I used to know all the songs and dances from that movie. Actually, I bet if I cracked it out, I would be able to recall a few moves.

Am I the only one who remembers that I the only one who WATCHED that movie?

Am I the only one who's kid makes them feel guilty every day that their brother and sister are "STUCK" in heaven?