Monday, June 22, 2009



woa, these pics are so out of order, but what do you expect? I ran all night and day....

Jake's mullet. Gotta love it. Zach looks pretty rad in his 80's shirt. What studs.

This guy passed me just before the exchange. I was ticked!!! I did my best to catch up to him but it didn't happen.

Zach and Oliver at their 2nd exchange.

Pretty sweet glasses eh?

Sisters.... freezing in Morgan

and I ran...

the team at the finish a blizzard. Well, that's what it felt like anyway, it was freezing!

Z and me, after we had both run 18.4 miles. Not too shabby!

The girls: MaryGail, Carly, Peggy, me, Ashley, Nikki, BreAnna

The guys: Tyson, Oliver, Zach, Jake

One awesome seagull!!

These were all supposed to be toe touches. How sad am I?

We had a great time! We had an awesome team, had a lot of fun, not much sleep, more running than I ever imagined I'd do in my whole life, used "honey buckets" for two whole days (gross!), smelled more sweat than I'd have liked, was hot-then cold (crazy weather) but plan on doing it again next year.