Friday, September 25, 2009

Best Surprise Ever!

So we just celebrated Zach's 30th Birthday. I couldn't just do anything for the big day, so my parents watched our girls and I surprised him with a trip to Seattle. He woke up to go to work on Thursday and I told him that we were going to do something fun. He said "Ok, sure, after work". I told him that he wasn't going to work that day. He just looked at me for the longest time and was like "I'm confused". So....................... we got in the car and I drove him to the airport. Our bags were in the trunk and we were off. Zach was so surprised! I LOVE surprises and this was a huge one!

Snoqualmie Falls

Big tree. I'm sure there was a cool story to go with it but I didn't investigate that. It's just a big tree to me. Zach, Eden, Matt, Sophie.

This is the town Matt and Libby live in-Snoqulamie. It's gorgeous!

We got to watch August play soccer. Entertaining, that's for sure!

Space Needle

Space Needle

This was at the EMP. I wish the picture would have turned out better. That's Michael Jackson's glove and jacket in the background and Zach and Matt doing a pretty sweet Michael Jackson move.

Yankee vs Mariner game. It was an awesome game, even though the Mariners won.
Awesome view from the top of the stadium.

This was at the Locks. We watched the salmon ladder. Quite interesting!

So apparently "Dick's" is the best burger place in Seattle. I wasn't impressed but we had to go there anyway-for the experience.

We watched the fish being thrown all over at the Pike Place Market. It was fun. I laughed so hard when one of the workers got whacked in the head with a fish!

Gorgeous flowers being sold all throughout the market. I was amazed at the variety and how inexpensive they were. Loved it!

Libby had been excited all day to get a Monster Cookie

At Pikes Place Market

At Alkai Beach

We had a great time visting Matt and Libby and their family and checking out the Seattle sites!

And this is what we were soooo happy to come home to:

Friday, September 4, 2009

Lets play catch up!

We had a little birthday party for my dad and Zach. Go figure the only picture we were able to get of the kids were when they had their ice cream. All smiles!!

Hayden, Crew and Josh

I told Crew to show me a smile. He did, I just didn't ask for the finger in the nose too. That was an added bonus. Cute huh?

Had to throw this one in. All you have to do it say "CHEESE" and she's all smiles!

Fun up at the Hewlett's cabin.

Zach, Hayden, Halle and Avery

She's just happy!

First day of preschool! We are trying to teach Avery how to read a clock. Answering 27 times a day how much longer til preschool will do that to ya. No Avery, it's not quite time yet!!

I think she watches her aunt Ashley posing for the camera too much. Look at all that attitude! She loves her new school clothes, partly I think because we did a girls night and went to eat and shopping with grandma and her aunts.

There's my sweet girl! She has so much fun and loves to learn and play with her friends. She's getting too big!

The Blue Babes! Avery's first soccer game. Obviously she's totally into it. Totally.

There she goes, I knew that spunk in her would be useful someday!

Top of Utah 1/2 Marathon
Nikki and Ashley found an injured runner at about mile 10. They pretty much carried him to the finish line. Way to go girls! How nice are they? He ended up asking Ashley for her phone number. They must have really bonded during those 3 miles. :)

Kylie, me, Ryan and Katie

Ashley, Nikki, me, Ryan
It was a good experience, but I definately learned a lesson...TRAIN!! I didn't really train because of a major sinus infection which lasted a month, bursitis in my knee (ya, it made it worse) and boredom from running. I wanted to do it anyway because I talked all my family into doing it. Not such a good idea. My last one was a much better experience because, duh, I ran in preparation. We all survived! Until next year...right guys?