Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cute girls and football...

They are just cute

Really cute!

So cute!

Not so cute.
Just kidding! Nikki likes making faces. Avery likes taking pictures. We have lots of photos like this one!

So, we like football, but was also just like watching this cute girl.

They REALLY like watching this cute girl. (Hense us ALL being cheerleaders for Halloween!)

Avery, Nikki, Grandma, Hayden, Ashley, Lindsey, Shelley, Crew, Jonnie, Steph, Grandpa, Bensyn, Greg, Grandma, Aunt Barbara, Uncle Jeff. It was a party!

Party Time!

Halloween is always so much fun! We love dressing up, playing games and of course, getting candy! Our friends, Mark and Aubrey had a Halloween party which was so much fun! Aubrey is so cute and made the party so kid-friendly! We decorated "Haunted Houses", and had a ghost pinata. Great times!! Thanks guys!

Making Haunted Houses! I'd say that more candy ended up in our mouths than on the house!


Getting the loot!

Cheerleaders and rally man! Zach can do some pretty sweet jumps and kicks in those tight pants!

Mark, Aubrey and Luke

Bumper, Megan, Kash and Izzy

Ashley, Andrew and Ty

Just a reminder for next year: scale back on the candy and ask everyone to take off their masks! I was up with Hayden until 3 AM! Two reasons for this: A) candy, candy, candy. She was so pumped up on candy that she COULD NOT settle down! B) she was scared!!! She was so scared of Mark in his Spidey get-up. She wanted me to hold her all night, then realized she wasn't tired, so she wanted to play, then when I tried to lay her down she got scared again. It was a long night. I wouldn't have slept anyway, I was really bummed knowing that the next day at church we (the Primary Presidency) were getting released. I love all those Primary kids and am sad I won't be able to see their sweet faces in Primary anymore!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I get really restless sometimes and just want a project to work on. Not that I have a lot of free time for projects, but sometimes ya just gotta do something fun right? I told Zach that when the girls moved in the same room, I wanted to redecorate. Well...I found a bedspread that I loved and decided to go ahead and buy it even though they wouldn't be sharing a room for a while. I could just put the bedspread away until is was time right? NO. I was at the paint store buying paint the next day. I am too impatient! Here are the before and afters.



Zach is hoping this got some of my creative ideas out of me and that I will be done for a while. We'll see.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Fieldtrip

We love AUTUMN! It's so much fun going to the pumpkin patch so we were so excited to go with Avery on a fieldtrip. The girls had so much fun!

Avery with her pumpkin. She was very careful about which one she picked. Good choice Aves!

On the slides! Camille, Katelyn, Avery Audrey and Berlyn.


Hayden loved playing in the corn. When we got home, Zach asked why there was corn in her clothes and diaper. Bet that felt good. Poor Hayden!

Avery, Katelyn, Camille, Audrey, Berlyn, Connor. Preschool Pals!

Hayden on the way home. Just kickin' back with her pumpkin. She must have had a great time...look at that hair!

Birthday Time!

My birthday. These days really aren't that exciting for me anymore but the kids love them and so we have to celebrate!!

The girls are such helpers. They had all of my presents opened before I even knew what was going on. Thanks girlies!

We went to the Treehouse Museum for the big day. We love it there!

Riding the horseys. My cute cowgirls.

Zach and Avery had fun dressing up and playing "Indians". Zach kept singing 'fat guy in a little coat...'

My mom and Ashley went with us. They mostly just laughed at Zach the whole time. I must say that he was quite entertaining. Here they are at "school"

Avery followed my instructions quite well. If only she listened that well at home!

Painting on the tiles with water.

Zach decorated the kitchen with streamers, balloons and a sign. He's so cute! Notice that he even wrote the message in block letters! Very artsy!

Blowing out the candles. This is always the best part!


So for my birthday Zach printed our blog into a book. I LOVE it and have decided that I need to keep this blog better updated so that I can print it yearly. What a great scrapbook/journal. So, that means more posts and more details. I am determined to keep this going. Keep up if you can!

UPDATE: To answer your questions, Zach made the book through Blurb. He said it took A LOT of time and effort but I really like the book! Unfortunately the pages are a little flimsy (like typical pages of a book) so I worry my crazy girls will tear it apart, but I doubt there are many other options. I give it two thumbs up!

Avery's getting too big!

Avery and Emery

The Blue Babes! Avery has so much fun playing soccer. She was so excited when she scored a goal. She looked at Zach and said "was that me that scored?" Then she said "mom will be so proud!"

Avery LOVES her uncle Scott who is on a mission in Texas. She wanted to write him a letter. She even had to address it, stamp it and put it in the mailbox all by herself. Too big!

Best buddies!

My mom made Avery and Hayden cheerleading outfits to match Ashleys. They were so cute at the football game. They were cheering for Ashley the whole time. It was so cute! They love their Aunt Ashley!