Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Avery!

This awesome girl is 5!!

She loves her cowgirl boots from Big Chris

Charm bracelet from grandma and grandpa Jake

She wanted a "purse cake"

Her own computer from grandma and grandpa "Linda"

A money roll. She loves money...starting early, should I be scared?

When asked what she wanted for her birthday dinner, her reply was: macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, salad...and babyback ribs.

Breakfast for the birthday girl!
Avery is such a thoughtful person. She notices when others feel bad and tries to always make them happy. Usually with a hug and a kiss. She is the BEST big sister ever and Hayden adores Avery. They love playing with each other and snuggling. She sticks up for her little "Ister" to anyone-including me! Avery loves anything creative, including coloring, painting, singing, dancing, dressing up and any other kind of art work. She loves playing Barbies, and with her American Girl Doll "Sally". She also loves calling and texting people. If she's bored, she'll get out my phone and start calling anyone and everyone. Avery is very smart! She remembers everything she hears and sees. Avery loves to hold hands. We hold hands all the time!! Avery also LOVES to play with her friends and is friends with everyone. She is so social and isn't afraid to go new places or do new things. She loves smaller children and is very helpful. She loves popsicles, fruit, hot dogs, mac and cheese, salad, and chicken rolls.
We love our Avery!!

Leg Wrestling and Head Stands

Ashley and I had to join forces to bring Nikki down.

One, two, three...I really think she cheats somehow.

Nikki and I were dying of laughter...Ashley is like some kind of pro at head stands.

Dad, Ashley, Erika.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Years!

Luke, Jensen, August, Beck

Purse Pinata for Eden's birthday

Best Buddies!


Sunday, January 3, 2010


How could Christmas not be awesome with all of these kids? It's so magical with children and this year did not disappoint!

Jacobs family grandchildren

Grandpa Jake and Big Chris

The girls in their Christmas dresses Grandma made them. They also wore them Christmas Day too, and the day after, and the day after that. Apparently they loved them!

These girls are not always this sweet to each other, but in spite of that, they really are best buddies. I love that Hayden asks for "Ister" to put her to bed at night.

And of course their new dolls had to have matching dresses. So cute!

This year was a little different than normal. We headed up to Bear Lake with the Allen clan. We had a lot of fun.

Christmas Eve

Christmas morning with cousins Josh and Carter. I had to wake our kids up because Ryan's family is on New York time and just couldn't wait any longer. When I asked Avery if she wanted to go see if Santa had come, she said "No thanks, I'm too tired right now but maybe later." (Sounds like her mother!)

Look at that look of excitement Christmas morning. And seriously, if she's that excited over Gold Fish, how great will it be to see her open her other gifts!?

It's exhausting opening all those presents.

My parents bought all of the girls matching pjs. We wanted a "candid shot" so we spontaneously started laughing. Once we started though, we couldn't stop. The guys thought we were nuts.

Mom, Nikki, Ashley, Erika, Katie

We went snowmobiling and sledding Christmas Eve. We had a lot of fun, well, the adults had a lot of fun. The kids decided they were done about 30 minutes into it and since my mom has a broken foot, she was more than happy to stay in the car with the kiddos while us adults acted like children.

Zach and Erika

Ashley and Nikki

Nikki and Ryan

Nikki and Tyson

Matt and Avery on the 4-wheeler

This pic remindes me. The other day at church, Hayden was being noisy so Zach told her to be quite, to which she replied with the funny face she is making below. Huh. Guess she told him!

Merry Merry Christmas!!

Polar Express

We went on the Polar Express with my family and Avery's cousin Emery. We watched the movie about a week before we went, then the day that we were going, I asked Avery if she wanted to watch the movie again to get her excited. She said "No thanks. Maybe next time." I figured out that the movie kinda scared her. Luckily, the Heber Creeper wasn't too scary.

Emery and Avery

Hayden and Grandpa Linda (as Avery likes to call him)

Zach felt like we all needed to get in to the "Christmas Spirit". Our hostess and the elves were a little dull. Ok, a lot dull. Zach stood up and led us all in a roaring round of christmas carols. He had the whole train singing and laughing so hard. He was hesitant when they offered him the microphone, but it didn't stop him. Seriously, this guy is always the life of the party. It was hilarious!

Grandma, Hayden and Matt.

For anyone wondering what it's like-it's long and if you don't have someone like Zach to get the party started, it's even longer. The hot chocolate was great as were the cookies, and Avery and Hayden both LOVE their bell they got from Santa's sleigh. Santa and Mrs. Claus were a little rushed, but I guess it's to be expected seeing as how they had a million and a half kids to see that night (at least it looked like there were that many.) The kids had a great time, so I guess that's all that mattered!

Gingerbread Tradition

Every year we go to Grandma and Grandpa Jakes to decorate gingerbread houses with the cousins. We all love it! The creative side of the Jacobs family rarely comes out, but this is one the moments that everyone gets fact, usually it's the adults who finish up the decorating while the kids go off to play.

Cute, cute Zoe

Grandpa Jake and Jensen

Love'n it!

This year the candy made it on to the houses. Well, most of it anyway. It didn't stay there for long though. Oh well, I guess that's all part of the fun.