Thursday, February 25, 2010

New ears...hopefully!

7 ear infections and countless fussy moments later....


Hopefully this will solve some problems. Poor girl has been uncomfortable due to her ears for waaaaaay too long.

The night before the surgery, Zach, my dad and brother-in-law Tyson were going to give Hayden a blessing. I prepared Hayden by saying that they were going to say a special prayer so her ears will feel better. We got out a chair and she immediately got up on the chair and said "I do it!" she folded her arms and said a prayer that Heavenly Father would help her ears feel better and blessed us to have a happy day. When she was done, she looked up and was beaming. So cute! Zach gave her a great (and fairly long) blessing and Hayden kept her arms folded and stayed so still the whole time...until the last 5 seconds when she started to whimper and was looking up with her eyes (probably to see why there were so many hands on her head still). When they were done she looked up with the cutest little smile and ran over and gave me, and then the guys a hug. It was such a special moment. I don't think Hayden has willingly stayed that still and reverent before, nor do I expect her to again any time soon.

The surgery went great. She woke up from the anesthesia just fine and has been happy ever since. I'm sure that was partly due to the fact that she had Mr. Bunny by her side the whole time.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Park City

This picture is almost identical to last years Park City picture. If I cared enough, I would take the time to figure out how to link it so you could see both. But, I don't. Take my word for it, this is the same look she gave last year before she went out skiing for the first time. Her socks were crooked, her shirt was riding up, as were her long johns. Her fingers needed to be scratched, and she had a tickle on her belly. All that ski gear was enough to drive us all looney! Finally, once they got out there, she remembered it was all worth it. And it was. This little girl is one awesome skiier.

Hayden and Grandpa Jake along to cheer Avery and dad on. Hayden kept saying "Go Ister go! Go Ister go!" A couple days ago, while watching the Olympic down-hill skiiers, Hayden said "Look mom, there's Ister!" ("Ister" is what she calls Avery, you know, "Sister"). Cute.

Luckily, our condo is just across the street.

Zach, Avery

Emery, Mason, Avery

Hayden took awhile to remember how much she loves to swim.

Avery didn't have to remember anything, she loved it!

Love the mismatched floaties.
We had a great time at Park City with the Jacobs clan. It was an unusual trip, with 24 out of 27 people getting a vicious stomach virus. Really, it was amazingly memorable. Zach and I were among the lucky ones to stay healthy. I could give more details, but I won't. Luckily it was a short illness and everyone was back hitting the slopes within a couple days. We skiied, ate, played games, watched home videos, shopped the outlets, got candied apples, apologized to the downstairs tenants for being "loud", swam, learned new things about each other and just had a great time! Until next year!

The ballet and breakfast in bed.

My sister-in-laws, Kristin, Libby, Dena, Janelle and I helped our amazing mother-in-law, Dixie, celebrate her birthday. Dixie's favorite ballet is Swan Lake, so we went to the ballet, with lunch beforehand at Olive Garden. I have never been to Swan Lake, but it was beautiful! We all had a really good time. I am so lucky to have such a great example. I couldn't ask for a better mother-in-law or grandma for my kids. She makes sure her family knows of her love for us all the time. She is so great at being attentive to the kids and to us. I never hear her complain, and she is always helping, and thinking of others.
Happy Birthday Dixie!

On a lighter note, what was I thinking with that jacket? Could I have possibily found anything less-flattering? I think not.

Be Mine!

We thought these little lovelies deserved breakfast in bed on Valentine's Day. As you can see, they loved it! They were so excited and just giggled the whole way through their pink, heart-shaped pancakes.

Love them! Seriously, they're awesome!