Monday, March 22, 2010

Fun meals

What do you do on a rainy day? We dress up and have a picnic in a tent.

St. Patrick's Day. Our typical meal. I know some people do an authentic Irish meal, but guess what? We prefer the typical green pancakes, green apples, green juice, green eggs. It works for us.

And the girls think it is pretty cool.
Just had to throw this one in. She is starting a bit early with the make-up. Atleast she's got the pout going on.

Fun weekend!

We went to SLC for the weekend to watch Ashley participate in Utah's Jr. Miss pageant. She did so awesome and we had a fun time!

Kylee, Aunt Shelley, David, Ashley, Ava, Erika, Mom, Dad Nikki, Tyson, Kelley, Uncle Greg, Matt

Linda, Nikki, Dad, Aunt Steph, Bracken, Grandma, Ashley, Ava, David, Matt Lund, Spencer Buswell

As I was taking a picture of Ashley and David, my Dad jumped in. Love it!

At the hotel. The girls couldn't wait to get in the pool and hot tub.

Today Avery packed her little suitcase and said, "Mom, after dinner can we go on another vacation? We could go for 2 days because that's how many outfits I packed."

Big sister seminar

We've been doing some training around here in preparation.

We need a little work on the Desitin, but the lips are looking good.

I think we're ready........