Monday, June 28, 2010


I was so happy to get together with my cute roommates from college. We enjoyed some great dinner and even better conversation. Ahhh, the memories from Ricks College! Good time girls, good times!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just can't get it right!

We've been told multiple times that we're "just not doing something right" in the baby-making department. THREE girls? Really, what could be worse?!



Seriously, what could be better than having another girl?! We've got lots of spunk in our home and we like it that way. Our days are filled with nail polish, dress-ups, doing each other's hair, playing dollies and barbies, dancing, and singing. I love watching Hayden copy Avery. I love watching them snuggle up together to watch tv or read a book. I love hearing them say to the other "I love you, Sister". I love the way they put on fashion shows and wiggle their hips. (Ok, so it doesn't take a fashion show for them to do that). I love that painting their dad's toe nails is a favorite pass time. I love that Hayden wants to show the baby her newly painted nails (because why wouldn't she be able to see them through my belly?). I love how nurturing they are to each other and to Zach and I. This has been a very difficult pregnancy but the girls are so understanding. Hayden: "Mama, sit down, you'll feel all better! You feel all better now Sweetheart?" Avery: "It's ok you're so boring mom, growing a baby must be hard work!" I love how they comfort each other-"oh Sweetheart!" (hug, kiss,hug). I love how they go straight for their aunt's purses to sneak some lip gloss. Even though I get mad when they get in to my make-up (on a daily basis), I love the look on their faces when they look in the mirror and love what they see. I love how they get excited over shoes. I love that they describe everything that they love as "Oh, BEAUTIFUL! or GORGEOUS!" I love that they are sooooooo complimentary to me. "You look pretty mama!" or "I love that skirt on you mama!" I especially love that they tell me they love me more than I will ever, ever, ever know. They are best buddies and I am so excited to welcome another best buddy for them. We've got lots of pink, bows, lip gloss, nail polish, princesses, jewelry and every other "girly" thing on the planet, and we love it that way. (Yes, I am even speaking for Zach!)

Monday, June 7, 2010


Scott wanted Cafe Rio for lunch on the way home from the airport. It was delicious! You can tell I really liked my pork burrito, I finished the whole thing. For some reason my whole family was laughing so hard about that. Come on, give me a break, I'm pregnant! Nikki and I closely share the same appetite apparently!

Oh the anticipation!

These two little cuties couldn't wait!

And there he is!

We were so excited to see our Scotty! He just came home from his mission to Fort Worth, Texas. He's so cute!!

We've had lots of fun with him since he has returned. Shopping, eating, badmitton, talking, laying hardwood floors (yeah!!! we needed some extra hands), mauling by the kids, all that good stuff. Yeah to have him home!

Mothers Day

I love breakfast in kids love giving me breakfast in bed but I think that's mostly because they get it too.
I love being a mom!