Saturday, July 31, 2010

Father's Day

Zach is definately the best dad there ever was. His girls love him to pieces. We are also so grateful to have the best grandpas also! We love Grandpa Yinda and Grandpa Jake. Lucky lucky us!

How could I forget this BIG day?

Miss Sadie and Miss Alisha

Avery GRADUATED from Mini-Explorers Preschool. She loved it! She is so excited to go to Kindergarten, her mom is sooooo not! When did she get so big?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bear Lake Round 2

Kenneth, Zach, Scott, Matt, Tyson, Nikki, Ash, David, the girls

Nikki, Erika, David, Hayden and Avers

Nikki and Hayden. You can't really tell in this picture, but they make a pretty good OREO cookie. Hayden is a brown little thing, and Nikki, not so much!

Surprisingly, these guys didn't have too many injuries after their crazy game of football in the water.

Waverunning with Gramps

Obligatory family photo

It's quite entertaining (and embarassing to think about it now) to have ugly-face-making contests. Ashley usually wins, although I think I may have her here

She wasn't in on the game. That's too cute of a face!

This time we went to Bear Lake with the Allen family. We pretty much spend the better part of July in Bear Lake. The girls loved it! We had lots of fun going to the beach, waverunning, playing football in the water, riding crazy bikes, getting shakes, going out to eat, doing crafts, 4-wheeling, doing pedicures, dance revolution, mini-golf and just hanging out.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bear Lake Round 1

Mini golf.


Hayden's best buddy on the trip was Cole. He was a good sport and played with her lots! At first I'm sure it was fun, but after six days, I think she wore him out!

Big Chris. These vacations really take it out of ya!

Emery, Brighton, Sophie, Eden, Avery, Hayden

We're just happy to be here!

Her too!

Awww, cute

Luke, Hayden, Remi

Eden, Emery, Avery

Avery, Eden, Hayden

The annual cousins race. I loved that after coming in dead last, Avery said "We're all winners, right mom?" Absolutely!

Not only did they play tennis, they got to jam with their guitars.


Luke and Avery. Such good buddies!

These two girls sure had their ups and downs. Is it obvious?

Love the glasses on the hat

Yeah for suckers!

Big suckers

Ice cream every night. Playdough was in high demand. I seriously can't believe they didn't run out after serving the Jacobs clan

Hayden loves J-Dogg (or J-Gogg)

Hayden's turn

She poses even on 3rd base.

Lots of playing ball!

Lots of crafts

Waverunning is a favorite

Our annual trip to Bear Lake with the Jacobs family is always a highlight of the year. We have lost of fun going to the lake, boating, waverunning, eating ice cream, doing crafts, hot tubbing, playing tennis and baseball, mini-golfing, bike riding, and laughing.
More pictures to come. ya, I'm not finished!