Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And she's off.......

to kindergarten. How did this day come so quickly? I can't believe my little Avery is off to school. On the bus no less. I wasn't too worried about the bus until the first day of school as the bus dropped off the kids, she was no where to be found. Apparently the bus driver told her to get off the stop before ours. Talk about a heart attack. I didn't need that. All is well and she loves school. The smile on her face tells it all...

Avery and Hayden both wore their backpacks from the time they woke up, til the time Avery went to school. Hayden insisted that she was going to school too. Poor kid. Instead she had to stay home with mom. She sure showed me...she hid my glasses while Avery was at school and every time I asked her to help me look for them, she replied "sorry, not now, I'm busy!" aggghhh!!!

Love this girl.
By the way, I didn't officially cry. A little teary-eyed but that's it. Pretty good huh?

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Carter, Katie, Josh

Go karts were a hit

Check out Avery's pose. I don't know where she gets it but I love it!

Hayden has her own poses too.
We've had a ton of fun having Ryan, Katie, Josh and Carter here to visit from NYC. They need to do it more often! It was fun to find out that they are having their 3rd boy a few months after we are having our 3rd girl. We know to stick with what we do best, I guess!
Thanks for the fun week!

Water Babies

These girls cannot get enough of the water. It's been a good summer!

Yankee's vs. Bee's

Can't go a whole summer without a little baseball

So how does this compare to NYC baseball Ryan?

Obligatory hot dog

The crew.

We decided that Ryan and Katie should have a little baseball culture by going to the SLC Bee's game. Oh wait, I guess since they can go to Yankee's games any time they want, maybe the Bee's aren't that impressive.

And counting....

Here's what 36 weeks looks like from Avery's standpoint.

And from Zach's.

Isn't Avery cute?

Davis County Fair

Avery, Luke, Hayden

Of course she had to have the pink motorcycle!

Lovin' the animals

Don't be fooled, the girls weren't bored at all! They had a ton of fun at the Davis County Fair. Too bad each ride was like $3 each. That can add up. We always look forward to the fair!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I think this is what they call "Nesting"
And I think it's driving my husband crazy.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Princess Elite Retreat

Alyssa, Megan, Katie, Talise, Gabby, Rachel

Talise, Megan, Alyssa, Sarah, Savannah, Brooke, Riley, Hayley, McCall, Bishop, Rachel, Kenedy

Bro. Hulse and Bishop Hoggard were GREAT sports!

Now I am getting a little nervous!

Bishop, Allsion, me, Jen, Lisa, Dana, Bro. Hulse, Heather, Sarah after our "make-overs"

Me, Sarah, Jen, Lisa

Savannah, McCall, Brooke

Hand wax. We did a "Spiritual Spa" which was great!

Girls camp was up at Camp Lomia. Being 8 months pregnant, I was encouraged not to go. I am so glad that I did! We had a great time! Our camp directors, Sarah P and Jen J did an amazing job. We had so much fun-mostly because the girls were so great! I learned a lot and had tons of fun. It's pretty funny when the girls are yelling at the leaders tent "leaders, shut up and go to bed!" We deserved that. We stayed up laughing until 5:00 am! Camp just wouldn't be as fun without the "fart machine", the big remote controlled tarantula, herckemers, Lisa's stories and songs, all that delicious food, fun games, fake rat and all of that laughing. Thanks everyone for making Girls Camp so awesome!