Tuesday, April 19, 2011

In Love

She just makes me happy!

Loose tooth

And here's Ella. Luckily she has NO teeth!

Avery's first lost tooth was quite a momentus occasion for us! She has been so excited...it's been a long time coming! Unfortunately, she didn't listen to her parents when we encouraged her to let us pull it out for her. We warned her that it was so loose she might lose it and not even know it. Yep, that's what happened. Luckily, the tooth fairy found her anyway!

Just pics


My cute sister was in the Miss Weber County pageant. She did awesome and got an attendant. Avery was her escort. Avery loved it! Don't they both look so cute?!

Before and After (again)

More before and afters:

Annual Ski Trip

We love the Treehouse Museum


The girls got fake fingernails.

Lovely right?

Happy Birthday Ava!

Birthday time!

10 days apart and such good buddies!

Fancy Nancy Birthday Party:

Reading a "Fancy Nancy" book, of course!

She loves her big sister

Happy Birthday Avery! We love our sweet girl! Avery is such a great helper and is so kind to her sisters. She is very creative and loves to color and paint. Avery is so sweet and affectionate!She is always giving hugs and kisses. She is quite a tease and loves to play and have fun!